Friday, May 30, 2014

No, We're Not a Center-right Nation

No, we're not a center-right nation. That's a lie created and funded by the 1%. In point of fact, polling on the issues proves that we're center-left nation, and far to the left of the well financed dreams of the 1% and their bought and paid for minions in the GOP. On issue after issue the public is far to the left of the elites.

Below are the results a poll of polls commissioned by the Russel Sage Foundation, which has been exclusively dedicated to research in the social sciences since 1907.  The results clearly show a vast disconnect between the priorities of American elites, the 1%, and the majority of the American public. For the purposes of this poll, "elite" is defined as those at or near the top 1% of American wealth holders with an average income in excess of $1 million per year.

These results reflect an average of polling by a variety of leading pollsters, including Gallup, Pew and others. The contrasts between the views of the 1% and the views of the general public are truly startling. Our government is not representing we, the people. It's representing them, the 1%, who line the pockets of politicians with huge piles of sweet, sweet cash.

There is only one way to fight the influence of the 1%. Vote. Don't wait for 2016. Vote in the midterms. At this point it appears that it's a safe bet that Democrats will hold the Senate, especially as the most recent polling suggest an unexpected Democratic pick-up in Kentucky, where Allison Lundergren Grimes is leading Mitch McConnell (R), the GOP Senate Minority Leader. Ousting the Turtle Man would be a particularly sweet victory for Democrats in what appears to be a tough midterm election and would up the number the pick-ups the GOP needs to take control of the Senate to 7, which is highly unlikely.

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