Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Kindest Cut - These Are Our Friends. Be kind. Fight the FUD...

However could they fool this jeenyuss?
How does the GOP succeed in getting so many people to vote against their own interests? They lie. They use fear and ignorance as a breeding ground for lies. And then they use the Fox fux and the Lower Wingnuttia right wing echo chamber, along with the always ready flying monkey squad, to spread the lies to low information voters, like this guy I ran into on FB and whose identity I've stripped to save unnecessary embarrassment. It may be cruel, but the kindest cut is to let friends, and/or friends of friends, know this just isn't okay in mixed company, meaning around those with triple digit IQ's.

Far too many of these wingnuts believe utter nonsense that isn't true while firmly rejecting the reality of what is true. Case in point: Many of these idiots thinks it's a fact that man walked with dinosaurs, but evolution is a myth. Far too many of are woefully undereducated, barely literate and simply not smart enough to know they simply are not smart enough.

I don't want to pick on this guy personally any more than I already have on FB, but his arguments are standard GOP wingnut tea bagging talking points that can and should be addressed. IOW, they're all lies.

Unfortunately, his tenuous grasp of English is also all too common among the denizens of Lower Wingnuttia. I'm posting his comment and my response here because I wouldn't be surprised if the person who's wall this was posted on deleted my comment or even the entire thread. If this guy is really a friend of theirs, I wouldn't blame them. I was just a tad harsh with the guy. It's a weakness of mine: I do not suffer fools well.

So, without further ado, here's my response...

Putting aside for the moment the dearth of facts and surfeit of nonsense in this rambling screed, had my third grade niece produced such error ridden subliterate boob.babble, I'd be embarrassed, as would she. If you wish to be taken seriously by the upright ambulators, first, some slight familiarity with reality might help, as would demonstrating at least basic proficiency in your ostensible native tongue.

Now, let's take a look at your, er, "points" one at a time...

"lets (sic) see. (sic) theirs (sic-sic) no war on women"

More than 2000 bills limiting women's rights have been introduced in state legislatures over the past 2 years, with more than 300 passed into law, all by the GOP. More than 100 bills limiting women's rights have been introduced by the GOP in Congress just in the past year.

"they [unions] make more then (sic) the workers"

FYI, the only "they" in unions ARE the workers. That, you see, is the entire POINT of a union. It's an organization made up entirely of WORKERS. Duh.

"don't want a secret Ballard (sic) when voting"

Well, gosh, who does want a secret Ballard? Kay would never approve.

"teacher thats (sic) a pervert"

There's a wonderful new invention called the apostrophe. Google it.

"as (sic) for voting rights hell (sic)"

And where, exactly, is voting rights hell? How does it differ from regular hell? Do they capitalize the first letter of sentences there?

"you have to show I D (sic)"

In point of fact, there is no INALIENABLE RIGHT, like those documented in the Constitution and BoR, including the right to VOTE, that requires one to have or present I D (sic), or, for that matter identification. That, you see, is what INALIENABLE means. Duh.

BTW, let me tell you, boy, do I ever enjoy the irony of seeing the very same paranoid wingnuts who've railed for decades against any form of national ID as a fascist abridgement of personal freedom now falling all over themselves to support disenfranchising millions of voters by requiring the very same kind of "fascist" identification from poor people, young people, know, people who tend to vote Democratic. Unintended irony is always the tastiest.

"we (sic) can thank obama for the unemployment"

Yes, we can thank Obama for LOWERING the unemployment rate by nearly 2 points since the BushCo disaster and ADDING millions of jobs, as well as for ADDING jobs for 26 months in a row after BushCo LOST jobs for 13 months in a row. This all after the BushCo boob caused disaster that created the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and lost us MILLIONS of jobs overall, more than 750,000 in Chimpy's McBlunder's last month in office alone. These are FACTS.

"just think of the jobs that could have been made (sic) with all the 100s (sic) of million (sic) he gave for solar,and (sic) how did that work out. (sic)"

In point if fact, the administration's renewable energy program has been a HUGE success and has, indeed, created more than 75,000 high paying jobs per year. Or did until the wingnuts killed it.

It's also a FACT that the loans to Solyandra, to which I assume you are trying to refer, were initiated by their powerful friends in the BUSH administration, not by the Obama administration.
BTW, while Solyandra failed, it was but a small part of the overall renewable energy loan portfolio, which has greatly outperformed the market as a whole. In other words, the fact is that the renewable energy program worked out brilliantly. Here in the real world. YMMV in Lower Wingnuttia.

These are all well documented, irrefutable FACTS. You can look them up. Oh, wait, sorry. Maybe you can find someone literate at the 6th grade level to look these facts up for you and explain them all to you using only very short words you might have some slight chance of actually comprehending.

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