Thursday, July 28, 2011

NO DEAL - Boehner Cancels Vote On Debt Plan

Boehner Plan Torpedoed By GOP Tea Baggers

Yesterday Speaker of the House John Boehner, drumming up support for his own debt ceiling plan, told his Republican caucus, "It's time to get your asses in line. This is the bill." The villagers cheered Boehner's strong leadership and praised him for taking control of the tea bagging wingnuts that make up much of the GOP today. Confident his recalcitrant troops would get their asses in line, Boehner scheduled a vote on the plan for today.

Today, after spending most of the day trying to wrangle the 218 votes he needs to pass his plan, Bohner cancelled the vote. No reason was given, but there can be only one reason. John Boehner could not get his caucus behind his bill. The wingnut tea bagger wing of his own party had a different message for Boehner...

It's becoming increasing clear to everyone in and outside of the beltway that the tea bagging idiots simply will not yield to reality. They figured out how to win an election, but they have absolutely no idea how to govern. These petulant children are perfectly willing to grab the wheel and drive our economic bus right off of the cliff. If they get their way US credit worthiness will be downgraded. This will  not only cost the government untold billions of dollars in higher interest rates, every single American will suffer.

Have a mortgage? Get ready for huge increases in your monthly payments as interest rates rise. Have a 401k? Get ready to see it shrivel away to a 201k. Have a small business? I hope you have plenty of cash on hand, because there won't be any money to lend. Those few who do manage to get a business loan will pay much higher interests rates.

Already we're seeing the effects of the irresponsible GOP created false crisis. Stocks are tumbling. The dollar is crashing. Interest rates around the world are rising. Should we default we will see an economic upheaval of unparalleled proportions. Literally, as it's never happened before.

It's important to remember that the GOP has created this crisis out of whole cloth. Congress could pass a debt limit extension in 5 minutes, as they did 7 times under George W. Bush and 18 times under St. Ronnie of Reagan. The salt in the wound is the main driving factor of our long term debt and the deficit is Bush's giveaway to millionaires and the cost of Bush's unfunded wars.

The current crisis has nothing to do with spending. The money has already been spent. This is about paying the bills left to us when Bush and the GOP put trillions on our national credit card. They've already spent the money. They approved the massive spending. Bush signed it into law. Now that the bill has come due, they want run away from the obligations they committed us to. There's a word for that. Deadbeat.

The wingnut tea bagger GOP is playing chicken with our national well being. The only thing that matters to them is beating Barack Obama, country be damned. Their calculation is if they blow up the economy, voters crawling from the wreckage will blame Obama. All of the polls say otherwise, but reality has never been a strong point for the tea baggers.

At this point there may be only one option left to save us from our own idiots. Should the GOP fail to support raising the debt limit under any circumstances, as now seems likely, Barack Obama could invoke the 14th Amendment, which states...
The validity of the public debt of the United States... shall not be questioned.
Yet questioning the validity of the spending they approved is exactly what the GOP is doing. Maybe instead of bleating incessantly about how much they rilly, rilly heart the Constitution, they should actually read the damn thing.

If Obama is forced to invoke the 14th Amendment, a Constitutional crisis will ensue, as whiny ass tea baggers scream about executive infringement on their turf. Horse shit. They already voted to approve this spending. It's a massive constitutional sophistry to claim they have a right to vote on all spending twice.

Call your congress critter or log on and let them know you will hold the GOP responsible if no deal is reached. Do it now. Pass on the word to everyone you know. The alternative to passing an increase of the debt ceiling is a catastrophe too terrible to contemplate.

Here's a single link that allows you to write any congress critter in any district:

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