Saturday, April 13, 2013

Schadenfreude - Darrell Issa's Car Alarm Company Is Doomed

The convergence of automobiles and smart phone technology spells the end of the line for high end car alarm companies like Viper.
I was recommending a phone tracking/recovery app, AntiDT (Anti Droid Theft) to a friend on Facebook and I had an interesting thought. With smart phone technology being integrated into cars, and powerful free tracking/recovery apps like AntiDT available for both Android and iOS, there's no point in expensive car alarm systems like a Viper any more. This video shows what AntiDT can do...

Your smart phone equipped car will call your cell phone, text you and email you if it's stolen. You'll be able to track your car on your phone or computer in real time using GPS and cell tower data. Not only will you be able to remotely shut down your car, you'll be able to take a picture of the thief and even lock him in. With the exact location, the cops will be there in minutes. All for free.

Gosh, that's sure going to be tough on high end alarm makers like Viper. Probably drive 'em right out of business. What a shame. If I sound facetious, it's because the company that makes Viper alarms was founded by and is still owned by none other than wingnut PITA extraoridinaire Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA, chair of the powerful House Oversight Committee and source of endless BS investigations based on every wacky wingnut conspiracy theory poutrage du jour.

Jeez, that's tough, Darrell. Bad luck. My heart's pumpin' pisswater for ya...

Update: A friend brought up a good point I didn't address in the post...

"There's a lot to be said for an alarm blaring to dissuade a thief who just smashed in your window to not be too thorough when rifling through your car looking for stuff to take."

Very true, but it's a virtual certainty that a new car equipped with smart phone technology will also have at least a basic, very loud, alarm. Combined with smart phone tech, this is still enough to seriously impact Viper's business. Sure, they can still sell alarms for older cars, but their bread and butter market - expensive new cars - goes away. I doubt they can survive on legacy cars only.


  1. Somehow I don't feel bad for the crook...Other companies yes, but not this guy...A waste of a human being...

  2. He should make a law that it is illegal for manufacturer's to offer alarms in cars. Yeah, that will work.

  3. Has anyone else ever made the creepy cunnection to David Edding's Belgariad? Issa the Snake god?

    1. Vipers, too...except even Salmissra wouldn't want the congressman around.

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  5. I'm sure Issa will find something else to burn down for the insurance money.

  6. Rep Darrell Issa has the right kind of experience , he has been arrested for car theft on 3 different occasions along with his brother. Kid stuff? well the last time was in San Jose Calif, summer of 2003. Yes he was a congressman then! Check it out, I read the article in the San Jose Mercury. New twist this time, his Bro sold Darrell's Mercedes to
    a used car dealer for $16,000 Issa's Bro had the title (Darrell says:he always keeps the title in the car's trunk). They were both arrested, but the Used car dealer dropped the charges when they returned his $16,000. Also I understand that he was given the choice joining the Army or going to prison as a youth in Ohio. he has been feeding at the Gov trough ever since.

  7. Although I don't shed a single tear for Issa, I do feel bad for his employees, who will be out of a job.....perhaps tone down the Schadefreude on their behalf

  8. To further the points addressed by Anonymous at 8:56 AM today

    Rep. Issa was charged in San Jose auto theft

    Lively reading indeed.


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