Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Créme de la Dumb - "South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum"

It's impossible to understate just how intensely effing stupid and bat shit crazy South Carolina as a whole really is. The latest highly respected Winthrop Poll highlights some of the rock hard, super dense, singularity-type stupid and wild-eyed ignorant goober tea bagging bat shittery all too common in the Palmetto state...
Among Republicans/Republican leaners, 67.8% said they did not consider themselves members of the Tea Party movement, but 74.4% of the same group said they generally agree with the Tea Party’s principles.
Among Republicans/Republican leaners, 74.7% feel the term “socialist” describes President Obama very well or well.
Among Republicans/Republican leaners, 36% continue to believe the president was either probably, or definitely, born in another country. Even though a long-form birth certificate for the president was produced between the Winthrop April 2011 Poll and now—showing he was born in Hawaii—just 5.2% fewer respondents now believe Obama was born outside the country than those back in April (36% now vs. 41.2 % in April).
But when the same group was asked if the Obama Administration has been more or less effective than the George W. Bush Administration at combating terrorism, 42.3% said they felt it has been either somewhat less effective or much less effective than the Bush Administration.
So, they're mostly not tea baggers, they just mostly support tea baggers, they haven't a clue as to what the word "socialist" might mean, a sizable bunch are birther boob imbeciles, and Obama, who killed bin Laden when Bush failed and stopped several major terror plots as opposed to Bush failing to take any action to protect us against 9/11, is weak on terrorism compared to Bush?

Teh stupid! It hurts!

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