Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are You Smarter Than A Tea Bagger? Matt Damon Schools Wingnuts On Why Teachers Teach

Having lived through the 8 year fuster cluck of Drooling St. Ronnie, who put us on the path to financial extinction tea baggers are following today, I'm not a huge fan of the mix of celebrities and politics. But this video of Matt Damon trying to explian why teachers teach to a wingnut "reporter" is an excellent example of the depths of dumb plumbed by the conservadolt fringe...

These tea bagging wingnuts simply cannot comprehend why anyone smarter than they are, teachers, for example, would work at a difficult, low paying job simply because they love it or they think it's the right thing to do. FYI, wingnut morans, no, actors do not act because of job insecurity. Nor do teachers teach for job security. There's an apt word for that sort of "thinking." Stupidity.

And yes, wingnuts, there are people who are really bad at their jobs in all fields. For example, take the idiot wing of the GOP in Congress. Please...

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