Monday, August 1, 2011

Fox Fux Push New Lies By Roy Spencer, Denier Shill And OilCo Puppet

He's baaa-aaack! Those who follow climate issues closely know the name of Roy Spencer. He's a psuedo scientist working at that bastion of scientific excellence, the University of Alabama, Huntsville. When he's not being paid to shill for Exxon or wingnut extremist anti-science groups like the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance and the Evangelical Climate Initiative.

So shoddy is Spencer's "work" that several of his previous "peer reviewed" papers were withdrawn due to errors in basic math and absurd logical assumptions that would embarrass a clever 6th grader. Which means he's the PERFECT go to guy on climate science for the Fox Fux, who've been breathlessly hyping Spencer's latest paper, published in an obscure journal nobody has ever heard of called Remote sensing.

Here's a great deconstruction of Spencer's latest happy horse shit courtesy of, a scientific organization run by climate scientists for climate scientists that people actually have of...

Basically, the short version is Spencer is a pid lackey whose data is all wrong, his assumptions asinine and his conclusions unsupported. But,other than that, yer doin'a heckuva job, Roy!

BTW, here in Austin we're awaiting our 32 straight day of temps over 100. July was the hottest month ever in Austin. Considering it was 107 today, August looks to easily break the record.

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