Thursday, October 13, 2011

Double Dumb - Victoria Jackson OWS Video Makes Victoria Jackson Look Like An Imbecile.

Victoria Jackson Visits Occupy Wall Street, Hilarity Ensues...

When Victoria Jackson was a playing ditzy, bubble-headed, completely clueless blond dimbo on SNL, few people knew she wasn't acting. More recently it's become painfully obvious that she really is a dumb blond. These days Jackson is a darling of tea baggers everywhere and something of a spokesperson for the Christo-fascist ignorant buffoon wing of the tea bagger movement, which is to say the majority of tea baggers.

Jackson's latest devolution into idiocy came today, when, for reasons only an imbecile could imagine, she posted a video of her weekend visit to Occupy Wall Street. If her intention was to make someone look like a dunderheaded babbling imbecile, mission accomplished. Thing is, that someone is Victoria Jackson.

The 15 minute video, posted under the auspices of the Koch brothers funded fake grass roots tea bagger organization, is a running gag reel of idiocy. The more Jackson spouts ignorant tea bagger nonsense about Obama the racist, marxist, foerign, anti-American anti-Christ, the more she spouts nonsense tea bagger paranoid BS about Van Jones and the Black Panthers - scary black people! - the more reasoned and factual the responses to her babbling boobery.

Again and again Jackson tries to formulate "gotcha" questions that not only backfire on her, but backfire so completely as to be utterly humiliating. The protesters she engages refuse to take the partisan bait and answer her rabid moran idiocy with facts, patiently explained, as if talking to a not very bright small child, which, in her case, is an overly generous assessment.

The only real question this video brings up is why in the world would Victoria Jackson post a video that so completely makes a giant hairy ass of... Victoria Jackson? The inescapable answer is she, like so many tea baggers, is simply not smart enough to know she's simply not smart enough. The only possibility is she's blissfully unaware of just how blissfully unaware she truly is.

Watch it for yourself. It's comédie vérité that's at least as funny as anything she ever did on SNL, if unintentionally so.


  1. No comments huh!? NOT surprised. I feel soory for you. I'll pray that you grow a brain before its too late. Good luck to ya

    1. Nope, no comments. Apparently only one "anonymous" ignorant fundie stupid jackhole out of the thousands of people who read this post was compelled beyond reason to defend Teh Stupid, and only 9.5 months later. Congratulations! You win! You are today's Stupidest Person on the Internet!

      BTW, wow, really nice rebuttal, what, with your specific critiques backed up by authoritative citations! In some alternate reality, maybe, where stupid is the new smart.

      You may go, now. You have been most thoroughly dismissed.


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