Saturday, September 10, 2011

Perry Begs the Fed He Hates for Help

UPDATE: The latest on the Bastrop Complex fire can be found here...

Here in Central Texas, people are riled up by the spectacular failure of Rick Perry as highlighted by the woefully inadequate response to the massive wildfires. We've reported on Perry's gutting of funding for fighting wildfires. Gregory Haley has an opinion piece worth a read over at The Austinist skewering Perry for bold hypocrisy of begging for help form the very government he hates and promises to make, " inconsequential in your life as I can."
On the campaign trail so far, Gov. Rick Perry has been openly hostile to the federal government and the role it plays in support of American citizens and the states in which we live.
It's no surprise then for anyone following modern Republican politics that Perry is lambasting the federal government as an imposition on American freedom and commerce while simultaneously demanding disaster relief... (In May) Perry said, "I am dismayed that this administration has denied Texans the much needed assistance they deserve. It is not only the obligation of the federal government, but its responsibility under law to help its citizens in times of emergency."  Doesn't "assistance they deserve" sound an awful lot like an entitlement?
It sure does. But hypocrisy and stupidly are rarely problems for GOP candidates these days. Quite the opposite, as Perry's core of support is mostly a bunch of ignorant troo bleever morans.

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