Monday, September 12, 2011

Stats For Geeks...

From an image of the Internet credited to Wikipedia user Matt_Britt
I haven't been back to this blogging thing for long, but the interest in the Bastrop Complex fires stories, here, here, here and here, has driven more traffic, at some points per hour, than everything else I've posted put together. It's enough traffic that I can now provide some possibly meaningful statistics for those interested in the patterns of Internet traffic. For example...

In the past week I've had visitors from the US, Canada, Brazil, France, UK, Swtzerland, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Ireland, roughly in that order.

The breakdown by browser is...

Internet Explorer (30%)

Firefox (24%)

Safari (15%)

Chrome (11%)

Mobile (11%)

Mobile Safari (4%)

Opera (<1%)

NetFront (<1%)

UP.Browser (<1%)

The breakdown by OS is...

Windows (52%)

Macintosh (24%)

iPhone (11%)

Android (4%)

iPad (3%)

Linux (1%)

BlackBerry (<1%)

LG 1 (<1%)

Samsung (<1%)

iPod (<1%)

Looks like mobile computing really is the Next Big Thing.

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