Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another "Isolated Incident" Of Right Wing Domestic Terrorism

The worse the economy gets,the more of these types of incidents we're going to see. Luckily this wingnut was busted before he acted. From the Patch, local paper for Hopatcong, NJ...

A Hopatcong man had kiddie porn, Nazi uniforms, high-velocity ammunition and handcuffs in his motel room in Andover, police in that township said.
The building was evacuated and searched by K-9 units, police said. During the search, Sussex County Sheriff's Department Officer Warren Slahor saw child pornography on the dresser of a room, along with a bandoleer containing about 100 rounds of high-velocity ammunition, handcuffs and a large-capacity assault rifle magazine, police said.

Police said after motel employees told officers the room belonged to Christopher Bootsma, 45, K-9 units cleared the room, but found no explosives there or elsewhere in the motel. Customers were allowed back in, police said.
Boostma was arrested and admitted to possessing the items, police said. He was charged with possession of child pornography, possession of a large capacity magazine and handcuffs.
Bootsma said he had recently lost his home to foreclosure, police said.
Heavily armed wingnuts are inherently dangerous. Homeless heavily armed pedophile Nazi wingnuts...

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