Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dancing With The D-List - Bristol Palin Fans Attack Chaz Bono Selction

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Normally anything happening on Dancing With the Stars would fly well below my radar but when LGBT rights and right wing crazy meets terrible "reality" TV, it's just too good to pass up.

Entertainment website TheWrap reports that it seems the wingnut goobers who kept voting for hoof footed talentless unwed teen mom Bristol Palin week after week after week are less than thrilled with one of the contestants announced for this season, Chaz Bono.

Chaz Salvatore Bono, you see, was born Chastity Sun Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher, and is an advocate for transgender rights. Cue predictable wingnut outrage...

"Dancing With the Stars" aims for provocative casts, and Chaz Bono joining the show this week has already yielded strong reaction -- some of it ugly.

Bono, the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher, was born female but legally changed his gender and name last year.

"But when I heard that Chaz Bono was going to be on, I was sick. Not that I have anything personally again her/him, I just don't want that lifestyle choice continually flaunted in the media esp ABC," went one typical anti-Bono comment."

"Chaz Bono How low can this show sink. Well you have certainly addressed the gay commuity. Guess this will not be a family show any longer!!!! Lost my family!"

"YOUR choice to bring Chaz Bono into the mix goes too far. I am not about to risk the potential for on screen dialogue about sex changes and gender confusion while my 7 and 9 year old are watching. If you want the 'anything goes' hippy culture, then soon that is all you will get. You've lost us. In case any of you are wondering ... no, we are NOT tolerant."
Gee, ya think Chaz will get multiple passes from viewers/voters for piss poor dancing, as did Bristol? I wouldn't bet on it. Who knows? He might be light on his feet.

I most heartily apologize. I couldn't help it.

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