Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GOP's "Zero Tolerance" Pledge Doesn't Apply To GOP

Via ThinkProgress...

Ohio GOP Forgets Its Zero Tolerance Pledge After Three Members Get In Trouble With The Law

Three Ohio Republicans have had run-ins with the law this year. State Rep. Robert Mecklenborg (R) was arrested for drunk driving with a stripper in his car. State Rep. Jarrod Martin (R) has had three drunken incidents with law enforcement, including one in which he was driving with his kids in the car. State Sen. Kris Jordan, meanwhile, is being investigated for a domestic dispute with his wife while he was allegedly drunk and in possession of a firearm.

And in the wake of those run-ins, Ohio-based blog Plunderbund reports that Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine has seemingly cast aside the “zero tolerance” policy he instituted for “any candidate or party official who crosses the line.”

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