Saturday, August 6, 2011

Global Warming Deniers Dancing Backwards Furiously...

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Can we please stop with the asinine "global warming is a scam" stupidity? Please? First off, the reality is here in Texas, as in the rest of the country, it's never been this hot. Never, as it not ever. It's so hot that were we to see normal temperatures for the rest of the year, 2012 will still be the hottest year ever.

But one year doesn't a trend make, the denier idiots argue. And they're right. One year does not a trend make. In point of fact, including 2011, the 10 hottest years on record have been the last 10 years. 19 of the 20 hottest years on record have occurred in the past 2 decades.

Can you say "trend"? I knew you could.

The 2nd reason deniers arguments are absurd is they are based on the idiotic paranoid conspiracy theory BS premise that global warming is some sort of scam perpetrated on us by greedy, rich scientists out to make a big bucks at the expense of those poor, selfless oil companies who are only trying to do what's right. Ahem.

Wake the bleep up, deniers. Big Oil and big coal don't give a skinny rat's ass what's best for all of us. Their one and only consideration is enriching themselves and their investors, everyone else be damned. In fact, they are legally obligated to consider only how to make the most money for stock holders. Anyone who believes they are in any way working for the common good is an idiot or an ignorant fool.

At this point the arguments of the anti-science deniers are every bit as asinine, absurd and just plain stoopit as the wingnut fundie conservadolt attacks on evolution. The reality is we're witnessing a confrontation of science and knowledge against ignorance, belief and reality.

Those who are compelled to turn to prayer as an answer to our self created crises are better served by praying for knowledge and wisdom. It's superstition and ignorance that's keeping us from implementing changes to ameliorate the effects of global warming. But it's not fair to blame it all on American fundie fools. The truth is as a species we're fools. It's very human to deny our own deleterious effects on our environment, no matter how obvious. Unless we succeed in changing this seemingly universal human trait, we're doomed to disappear after one of the shortest runs of dominance in evolutionary history. Maybe we're just not built for the long haul. Maybe the arthropods or the cephalopods can do better after we're gone. They can't possibly do any worse.

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